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just went through a box of clothes to mend or tear up or whatever and found three shirt dresses that i turned into just shirts, lol. The skirts on them were just too voluminous, and now i can make seperates out of the skirt parts i cut off if i want to. Note: this probably won't happen.

for a smart girl...
so i've had this three-well shampoo/bodywash/whatever shower dispenser for like, well over a year now, uninstalled. Sonn after i purchased it, I decided that three chambers was probably overkill since i don't use that much product, and had it in my head that i woudl get back to home depot (less than a mile away btw) one of these days and exchange it for a two-chamber, or maybe even a one-chamber, and then add-on as necessary (even though i woudl have to spend more, i wouldn't have that empty chamber mocking me, and making me have to think. "what should i put in there? should i just add another container of whatever is in the first chamber? how is it that this shower liquid dispenser is now RULING MY LIFE???)

Since then, i've gotten on a pretty great combination of head drugs, and the other day whilst cleaning under my bathroom cabinet, where this dispenser was living, still in its box with the store receipt taped to it (see how together i am?!) it occured to me that putting the damn thing up would be a good way to close that mental loop once and for all (thanks for the metaphor, btw, david allen, as well as everything else, you cute little mouse-man organizational guru, you!), to hell with the extra chamber; i would just fill it with something, anything, so it wouldn't be distracting or get moldy (beer? chocolate sauce? an aquarium fish...hey that's not a bad idea actually...the little pump would make it easier to clean his little tank, too. And fish for me are always boys, don't ask me why).

So i gamely got the box out, and over the next day whenever i was in there i did another step of the intallation. cleaned the spot with Scrubbing Bubbles (also known as the greatest clenaing product ever invented). Wiped it down with isopropal alcohol. stuck the little sticky tabs, designed to hold the unit bracket to the wall secruely while the silicone caulk/glue (included) dries, to the back of the bracket. Finally: squiggled the glue stuff to the back of the bracket just like in the instruction booklet's illustration, and firmly positioned it onto the perfect spot on the shower wall.

ove the next 24 hours, the mandatory waiting period before you're supposed to put the dispenser on the chassis, i was so, so good. only tested how securely it was adhering like, two or three times, and didn't ONCE try and tempt fate by putting the unit on the chassis "because they always overestimate how long you need to let that stuff dry because they KNOW your're not going to be patient", and instead waited the full 24 hours PLUS before this last step. That way, if it fell off the wall, i wouldn't be wondering if it was because i only let it dry for 22 hours, preventing the occult molecular happenings that occur during the 22-hour and one second to 24-hour period, and bringing the loud, soapy disaster onto myself.

This was, however, a mistake.

As i gleefully celebrated the moment of truth by filling up my little chambers (one for bodywash, one for bath oil. And the last, troubling chamber? Conditioner for my now chin-length tresses! three-plus years of super short hair and i totally forgot about this stuff!), i could envision how awesome and spa-like my showers were about to become. with the care and grace of a coronation, i lifted up the dispenser to put it on the holder and...no. NO NO NO NO.


The bracket, the super-secure and now virtually unremovable bracket, the goddamn bracket is UPSIDE DOWN.

Fuck patience. I'm trying out evertying immediately from now on. I'm willing to bet that freakin thing would have stayed up just fine, after, of course, i flipped the bracket over. Frankly i blame it on the instructions, which i read carefully before proceeding and checked as i went. NOWHERE did it say "be sure you have it right-side up, as we realize it looks virtually the same either way!"


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Two dwarves go into a bar where they pick up two women & take them to their separate hotel rooms.

The 1st dwarf, however, is unable to get an erection. His depression is made worse by the fact that, from the next room, he hears his little friend shouting out cries of 'Here I come again! One, two, three, uh,' all night long. 

In the morning, the 2nd dwarf asks the 1st 'How did it go?'

The 1st mutters 'It was so embarrassing. I simply couldn't get an erection.'

The 2nd dwarf shook his head & says 'You think that's embarrassing? I couldn't even get on the bed.'

finally finished season 4 of LOST
omfg, etc. Season 5 starts in January and i can't wait.

i want to start purposely setting things up to look forward to.

so, let's see, that's six months from now. according to my calculations, by this day in january my hair should be 3" longer, that's something, too.

not very ambitious i know.

what else can i plan?

kris and i were going to take a sewing class but we missed that and we didn't want to go in the summer. things will be too busy between now and christmas, so that had better wait till after.

i could do a debt-reduction plan.

we could plan a trip?

i'm going to new york next month for the gift show, that's something. maybe i should catch a show with my mom while i am up there.

getting up butt-ass early
now i know the exact difference between Jolie Holland, Julie Doiron, and Neko Case

it's nicer to wake up from the sun shining in than from an alarm

goddammit cat you're deaf as a stone how the hell did you know i was up?

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Can someone please explain to me how solitary confinement is not considered "cruel and unusual" exactly?

After wearing incredibly flat, plain shoes this weekend...
my friend forwarded me a NYTIMES article about barefoot walking and foot health that really blew my mind, but instantly made sense, as great ideas often do.

Among other stuff about more commonly known things like high heels are bad for you and your toes need room, it stated some research that indicated that, contrary to what a lot of people including myself thought, expensive, high-tech sneakers and euro-comfort shoes with lots of arch support and etc are really NOT that great for your feet, as they make life too easy on them and you aren't really using your foot's muscles to walk.

Also, since you have no direct sense of what the ground you're walking on really feels like, you are more prone to injury due to sloppy and inaccurate walking or running habits...anyway it was an amazing article and included some neat links to products which protect the bottoms of your feet and your toes etc but give you a near-shoeless experience.

a hilarious statistic: people who spent $ 40 or less on running shoes experienced FAR fewer injuries than people who were spending more. Now i can immediately come up with at least one good alternate reason why this could be the case other than "cheaper shoes are better", but on the surface this was pretty interesting.

It actually mirrored an experience i had recently where i went through about 600 dollars worth of sneakers from zappos in a frenzy of trying and returning, only to dig out a pair of sneakers from payless i had slated to give away and find they felt better on my foot than anything else i had tried! thankfully this released me from a seemingly endless quest but unfortunately took away my last excuse for not exercising.


i was immediately drawn to some of these really crazy shoes they had in article, one pair which looks like a high-tech glove for your feet, with articulated toes and everything, but since i'm trying to be more budget-minded and this is a pretty big change, i thought i would pick up some super-cheap shoes at Payless last week.

This weekend was my first time with my flat, foot-shaped maryjanes, which are red and cute but also accentuate the shapelessness of my leg and ankle, which i decided we were all going to have to get over.

Today my feet are pretty much completely pain-free, and my calves and Achilles area has this pleasantly sore feeling like i have been working out...because in essence i HAVE been working out, and also simultaneously stretching the back of my legs.

My feet in general feel a little desensitized on the bottoms, which is no biggie, and interestingly my big toes, which over the last couple years were starting on a twisted journey rotating to the "inside of my leg" side on each foot, look almost completely straight and correct again.

I don't know if it's just psychological, but my feet even feel stronger...

so long story short, i will be wearing these cute shoes until they fall apart, and am going to get more in every color in the mean time.

This is so great because i was getting really frustrated trying to find shoes for the summer because the more features you add, the more variables can be "incorrect" for you, and like i said, i had been snared by the idea that comfort brands like earth, dansko, birkenstock, etc were the way to go, and when you're spending near or over 100 bucks a pop you want them to be perfect.

Mindfulness, connectedness, filing.
Been thinking about lots of stuff lately, in a kind of back-way…trying and succeeding in getting my act together lately, thanks mostly to medications and also some little helpful mantras that I find myself using a lot. “You choose the behavior, you choose the consequences”. “Do what you are doing”. “Act with intention” (these last two comes in especially handy in the kitchen!).

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the idea of “connecting” to aspects of your life. I mean, I will go weeks and realize I haven’t really paid attention to some role, or some outside thing that needs tending just as a garden would. Now if you know me you know that I am practical to the point of appearing superficial, and maybe I am, but at any rate, a lot of this stuff is just really basic shit that rolls along, involves you, and can really screw you up if you don’t make the effort to do a check-in at regular intervals.

Things like food. Finances. Mail. Laundry. Serious but mundane stuff like taxes, and less mundane issues like connecting with a friend or family member. Also, paying attention to the different aspects of your business when you are your own boss…it’s really critical to have those roles and responsibilities written down somewhere and really get at the essence of what it represents.

Maybe this stuff is easy and ingrained in some people, but as someone with ADD who has only recently been diagnosed and gotten on medications, it’s a whole new world, and gives me a more philosophical way of coming at it because of its newness.

For me it’s always so easy to drop out. Even with medication I need to consciously think to myself every day “ok, who are you, who and what is depending on you?”. It’s hard because I work at home so I have to consciously create the sense of “stuff going on”, and also continuity, that usually comes when you work outside the home. That continuity thing is really hard, so I am trying to journal a little every day in my calendar on basic happenings…if I can only remember to look at the damn thing every day!

So today, in preparation to catch up on some tax stuff (which I am so, so unspeakably happy to be finally nearing some closure on) I completely sorted two big baskets of papers that have been sitting around and I have been adding to for about two months now. I didn’t want to miss anything that might pertain to the taxes by trying to dig through them so I figured I would just do it all the way and know for sure that I had uncovered every stone. Fortunately most of it is just stuff to file, and for which I already have designated files for, so that’s nice. I may go ahead and file that stuff instead of leaving it stacked because it probably won’t take more than a half hour and will keep me from continuing to have to pick it up and move it or whatever.

I’m so very tired of procrastinating.

i feel kind of stupid
i've been on this ridiculous quest to find the perfect pair of walking/gym shoes and it's taken me to some pretty expensive places. fortunately, i haven't kept any of them, due to Zappos' ridiculously lenient return policy, which i am sure i have single-handedly given them the impetus to end forever.

So i had it narrowed down to two pair in my possession, but still returnable. One was a pair of New Balance and one was from Earth with their wacky "negative heel technology" and aggressive arches. But in the midst of cleaning up my office today, i came across a pair i had bought about a year ago at Payless, of all places, and decided were too hot or too dorky or heavy or something. Anyway, i was just going to donate them or sell them for five dollars on ebay or something silly.

Anyway, so i come across them, as i said, and i was like "hmmm, why don't i try these on and see if they're passable" since i had nothing to lose, and so i put them on and headed immediately downstairs to the gym, now that i was shod. ridiculous what holds you up from doing something.

So the upshot is yeah, they are just about identically comfortable as the NB shoes i was thinking of keeping and while not coming in close at all to the Earth brand ones i was condsidering, will certainly "foot" the bill (ba-dum!) of me walking on the treadmill at 2 miles an hour. Shut up, it's a start, and it's at a 12 inch incline, shit's hard.

Did i mention i got these for 17 bucks? and that the other ones are 100 each? Those will be going back monday!

yeah, right now, these will be just fine. I'm so glad i didn't get rid of them!

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eggs with cheddar and toast
black coffee

window open sweet air-smell

soft sounds of cars and wind

birds chirping, people doing stuff outside


it's funny how i don't even have to go outside or necessarily even want to, but all this springy-ness has me in a good mood since i opened my eyes this morning.