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i feel kind of stupid
i've been on this ridiculous quest to find the perfect pair of walking/gym shoes and it's taken me to some pretty expensive places. fortunately, i haven't kept any of them, due to Zappos' ridiculously lenient return policy, which i am sure i have single-handedly given them the impetus to end forever.

So i had it narrowed down to two pair in my possession, but still returnable. One was a pair of New Balance and one was from Earth with their wacky "negative heel technology" and aggressive arches. But in the midst of cleaning up my office today, i came across a pair i had bought about a year ago at Payless, of all places, and decided were too hot or too dorky or heavy or something. Anyway, i was just going to donate them or sell them for five dollars on ebay or something silly.

Anyway, so i come across them, as i said, and i was like "hmmm, why don't i try these on and see if they're passable" since i had nothing to lose, and so i put them on and headed immediately downstairs to the gym, now that i was shod. ridiculous what holds you up from doing something.

So the upshot is yeah, they are just about identically comfortable as the NB shoes i was thinking of keeping and while not coming in close at all to the Earth brand ones i was condsidering, will certainly "foot" the bill (ba-dum!) of me walking on the treadmill at 2 miles an hour. Shut up, it's a start, and it's at a 12 inch incline, shit's hard.

Did i mention i got these for 17 bucks? and that the other ones are 100 each? Those will be going back monday!

yeah, right now, these will be just fine. I'm so glad i didn't get rid of them!

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I have to buy a new pair of exercise sneakers every three months (since though they look brand new on the outside, the insides break down from hard use and don't provide support properly after about that long). I favor Nikes which I buy at a sporting goods outlet for about 50 bucks, sometimes less if I am lucky. I have discovered that I can't wear New Balance sneakers due to something the clerk called the 'toe box', which is too narrow for me for some reason. I had to return a pair once after two weeks of painful workouts!

nice of them to take them back, jeez.

yeah well until these 17 dollar beauties either fall apart or murder my feet, i think i will stick with them!

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