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i feel kind of stupid
i've been on this ridiculous quest to find the perfect pair of walking/gym shoes and it's taken me to some pretty expensive places. fortunately, i haven't kept any of them, due to Zappos' ridiculously lenient return policy, which i am sure i have single-handedly given them the impetus to end forever.

So i had it narrowed down to two pair in my possession, but still returnable. One was a pair of New Balance and one was from Earth with their wacky "negative heel technology" and aggressive arches. But in the midst of cleaning up my office today, i came across a pair i had bought about a year ago at Payless, of all places, and decided were too hot or too dorky or heavy or something. Anyway, i was just going to donate them or sell them for five dollars on ebay or something silly.

Anyway, so i come across them, as i said, and i was like "hmmm, why don't i try these on and see if they're passable" since i had nothing to lose, and so i put them on and headed immediately downstairs to the gym, now that i was shod. ridiculous what holds you up from doing something.

So the upshot is yeah, they are just about identically comfortable as the NB shoes i was thinking of keeping and while not coming in close at all to the Earth brand ones i was condsidering, will certainly "foot" the bill (ba-dum!) of me walking on the treadmill at 2 miles an hour. Shut up, it's a start, and it's at a 12 inch incline, shit's hard.

Did i mention i got these for 17 bucks? and that the other ones are 100 each? Those will be going back monday!

yeah, right now, these will be just fine. I'm so glad i didn't get rid of them!

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thanks for the attention :) and well yeah, you know me, i at least KNOW how to work out properly, even though i hardly ever DO it!!!

oh and i didn't mention in my post i also did some SDLs, some overhead presses (freeweight, naturally), reverse hypers, hamstring curls, and hateful crunches. oh and some pulldowns and a wiggly attempt to use the pulldown bar as a sort of dip machine (worked ok, but god if they only had the chin/dip assist machine i would be sooooooo happy)... i love those machines so much i might just have to buy one for the house, but i would much rather make my apartment complex buy one.

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