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After wearing incredibly flat, plain shoes this weekend...
my friend forwarded me a NYTIMES article about barefoot walking and foot health that really blew my mind, but instantly made sense, as great ideas often do.

Among other stuff about more commonly known things like high heels are bad for you and your toes need room, it stated some research that indicated that, contrary to what a lot of people including myself thought, expensive, high-tech sneakers and euro-comfort shoes with lots of arch support and etc are really NOT that great for your feet, as they make life too easy on them and you aren't really using your foot's muscles to walk.

Also, since you have no direct sense of what the ground you're walking on really feels like, you are more prone to injury due to sloppy and inaccurate walking or running habits...anyway it was an amazing article and included some neat links to products which protect the bottoms of your feet and your toes etc but give you a near-shoeless experience.

a hilarious statistic: people who spent $ 40 or less on running shoes experienced FAR fewer injuries than people who were spending more. Now i can immediately come up with at least one good alternate reason why this could be the case other than "cheaper shoes are better", but on the surface this was pretty interesting.

It actually mirrored an experience i had recently where i went through about 600 dollars worth of sneakers from zappos in a frenzy of trying and returning, only to dig out a pair of sneakers from payless i had slated to give away and find they felt better on my foot than anything else i had tried! thankfully this released me from a seemingly endless quest but unfortunately took away my last excuse for not exercising.


i was immediately drawn to some of these really crazy shoes they had in article, one pair which looks like a high-tech glove for your feet, with articulated toes and everything, but since i'm trying to be more budget-minded and this is a pretty big change, i thought i would pick up some super-cheap shoes at Payless last week.

This weekend was my first time with my flat, foot-shaped maryjanes, which are red and cute but also accentuate the shapelessness of my leg and ankle, which i decided we were all going to have to get over.

Today my feet are pretty much completely pain-free, and my calves and Achilles area has this pleasantly sore feeling like i have been working out...because in essence i HAVE been working out, and also simultaneously stretching the back of my legs.

My feet in general feel a little desensitized on the bottoms, which is no biggie, and interestingly my big toes, which over the last couple years were starting on a twisted journey rotating to the "inside of my leg" side on each foot, look almost completely straight and correct again.

I don't know if it's just psychological, but my feet even feel stronger...

so long story short, i will be wearing these cute shoes until they fall apart, and am going to get more in every color in the mean time.

This is so great because i was getting really frustrated trying to find shoes for the summer because the more features you add, the more variables can be "incorrect" for you, and like i said, i had been snared by the idea that comfort brands like earth, dansko, birkenstock, etc were the way to go, and when you're spending near or over 100 bucks a pop you want them to be perfect.

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I bought more chucks, and wore my blacktop chucks to the gym. it's funny that by being all fit I'll look more alternaboi...

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