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finally finished season 4 of LOST
omfg, etc. Season 5 starts in January and i can't wait.

i want to start purposely setting things up to look forward to.

so, let's see, that's six months from now. according to my calculations, by this day in january my hair should be 3" longer, that's something, too.

not very ambitious i know.

what else can i plan?

kris and i were going to take a sewing class but we missed that and we didn't want to go in the summer. things will be too busy between now and christmas, so that had better wait till after.

i could do a debt-reduction plan.

we could plan a trip?

i'm going to new york next month for the gift show, that's something. maybe i should catch a show with my mom while i am up there.

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I would pick the debt reduction over the trip, and note the incompatibility of the two.

well i said debt reduction PLAN; that doesn't mean i will actually FOLLOW it!

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